stereo sound examples

These sound examples are optimised for the medium Internet and do not match the quality of the corresponding CD-, Vinyl-, DVD-Audio- or Blue Ray- version.

Nevertheless you should not miss the excellent headphone playback!

You can also download these sound examples.

surround sound examples

You can re-zip and burn the following files as an Audio-CD and listen with a DTS-supporting surround system.


location: private living room
End-title for the film "Postcard-Mafia"

Download Postcard-Mafia

The following recordings where made for the evaluation of the recording technique "Universal Multi- Format microphone Array for Natural Multiphony". They are row and without additional spot microphones. For a little fee, you can order a DVD-Video with empiric comparable Decca- and Fukada Tree, INA, IRT, OCT-Surround and WCSA recordings.


location: Grazer Franziskanerkirche
organist: Sabine Traxler
microphone technique: UMA, using omnis

Download Organ


Aufnahmeort: Grazer Franziskanerkirche
Chor: Capella Nova
microphone technique 1: UMA, using omnis
microphone technique 2: UMA, using wide cardioids

Download Choir

Download Choir


location: private living room
Jazzband: Eigenregie
microphone technique: UMA, using omnis

Download Jazzband


location: Vienna Musikverein, big concert hall
microphone technique: UMA, using omnis

Download Orchestra

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