mobile recording

To guarantee an uncompromising quality from the beginning, I have conceived my recording studio for independent of place sound-recordings. The factor "recording room" characterizes the production indeed.

Cubic measure, architectural style, surface state as well as the respective atmosphere influence the music-recordings directly. The method recording dry (dead) to form (revive) the recordings afterwards with artificial reverb is in fact convenient, but the better way is to record the music in the appropriate surroundings straight forward. Additional reverb can be used in the postproduction for making fine adjustments. If the technical execution is good, the so achieved production-advantage can improve almost all musical styles from classical to metal significantly.

In recent years, I was able to perfect myself in this regard. Silent recording systems are available. They can also be used independent of local electricity. Special cables, adaptors, tools and so on were built and a lot of accessories are ready to use. Working steps became experienced, considered routing-, monitoring-and security systems were provided for the liquid working process. Midi, overdub and all effects are also mobile a matter of course.

Especially in concert recordings where there is no repetition, experience is irreplaceable.

The post-production is done in one of the two recording studios.