Recording Studio Bad Blumau

The centerpiece of the recording studio Bad Blumau (completed in 2015) is an impressive live-recording room. Thanks to its characteristic architecture and acoustic fine tuning, it allows excellent recordings from scratch. Especially drummers and lagrger scale bands will be surprised.

It is also no coincidence that here you can prefome music particularly well. Most of the used materials have along with their desired functional efficiency a high building biology quality.

In this context, one must also mention the immediate surroundings. Bad Blumau is one of the most popular resorts in Styria / Burgenland. This is due to the thermal baths in the region. Who can schedule, can combine both here. But also during the breaks, you can recharge your batteries while walking through the endless forest paths and exploring the surrounding lakes.

There are sufficient local accommodations. Alternatively, a few people can stay in the studio over night. On the property, there is enough free parking space and loading and unloading can be done at ground level.

For more space- or seperation-demanding productions the recording studio can be expanded by 2 additional rooms in the house next to it. Therefor a direct connection is installed (audio, video, internet and TV). The basic audio-connection is MADI. Every room is can be connected to each other.

recording room

recording room

control room

Manley Massive Passive, API 2500 Stereo Compressor, RME Micstasy and ADI 8 QSM

Soldano Decatone and Hughes Kettner Triamp MK1