Markus Kortschak

Audio Engineer Markus Kortschak Landestheater Innsbruck

- born 1980 in Graz
- main Instrument: Guitar
- a lot of experience in composing and live preforming with serval bands
- a completed carpentry apprenticeship
- A-Levels with focus in "media technology"
- Audio Engineering Diploma at the SAE Vienna in 2002
- Bachelor of Arts in Recording Arts with "First Class Honours" at the the Middlesex University, London

- main area of research: Development of microphone arrays for stereo, surround and 3D.
- most important developments: "modular dummy head for music productions" as well as the "Universal Multi- Format Microphone Array for Natural Multiphony / UMA 10"

- since Feb. 2003 recording studio owner and freelancer
- employments in serval theatres in Austria, Germany and Switzerland: Bühne Baden, ETA Hoffmann Theater Bamberg, Konzert und Theater St.Gallen, Landestheater Coburg, Theater Vorpommern and starting from the next season Salzburger Landestheater. Accept of Bühne Baden in all of these theatres in leading function.

- nominations and awards, among others, at the Corinthian Peloponnesian International Film Festival, Nashville Film Festival, Nevada Film Festival und by the Honolulu Film Awards