Recording Studio Bad Blumau, Bamberg & mobile rocording studio

With a acoustically well-planned, approximately 50sqm large and 5.3 meters high recording room, the recording studio Bad Blumau (AT) is uncompromisingly focused on high-quality music recordings. In addition to a storage room and a bathroom / toilet, the facilities include a separate room on the first floor with a view downwards, which can be used either as a control room or as an additional recording room.
In the basement of the nearby house there is a control room, which is not only specified for surround, but also for the playback of Dolby Atmos (7.1.4) and Auro-3D. This completely decoupled room Han an audio and video connection to the large recording room and the attic room. The fiber optical cables can transmit up to 256 audio tracks in all directions.

The heating works silently. Daylight and natural building materials ensure a pleasant working atmosphere and in the garden or the surrounding area you can relax undisturbed during breaks or stretch your legs on idyllic hiking trails. Bad Blumau is one of the most popular holiday and leisure destinations in Austria, not least because of its Hundertwasser thermal baths.
For multi-day recording sessions, there are plenty of guest rooms nearby and parking is for free on the property.
The loading and unloading can be done directly from the car via the antechamber into the recording room. No stairs, steps or corridors need to be overcome.

But also in Bamberg (DE) remarkable recording rooms are available.

And yet, a recording studio environment is not always the best choice for a recording, and for practical reasons, such is often not possible at all.
At Markus Kortschak Productions, all possibilities are open to you. Depending on the production, even in the most remote places can be chosen .
Since 2003, high-quality, mobile recordings are the core business of the company and over the years, all technical aspects of the technical implementation have been perfected.

Depending on the production, mixing and mastering takes place either in Germany or in Austria. Thanks to the mobile working routine, the whole appropriate equipment is available at each location.